Healthy Body Weight and Breast Cancer

According to researchers, gaining more than 20 pounds after age 18 puts women at a higher risk of developing breast cancer after menopause.

Exposure to UV Light During Sleep Raises Risk of Contracting Breast Cancer

If you do shift work, and frequently work at night when the rest of the world is sleeping, you may be putting yourself at a higher risk for breast cancer. The World Health Organization has found enough cause to list ultraviolet light during sleep as a "probable carcinogen," putting it in the same category as toxic chemicals such as PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls).

Regular Exercise Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer

Exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer for all women at all risk levels, even exercise programs begun after menopause. A study conducted by researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that the activity does not have to be strenuous, but it should be consistent to obtain the maximum benefit.

Alcohol Consumption

Studies have shown that drinking alcohol elevates your risk of developing breast cancer, although other factors, such as smoking or diet, may have contributed to results.


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